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Automobile Lemon Law

Our Mission


We help the average person get justice against companies and employers

Every day, regular people in California and across the United States, are taken advantage of, cheated, and harmed by companies and businesses. Whether it is a company committing fraud by falsely advertising a product or promising one thing and delivering another. Or an employer taking advantage of an employee by not giving them their proper pay and benefits under the law. Or an automobile manufacturer and dealership selling a defective vehicle to an honest customer and then not fixing it. Or even a business discriminating against a regular customer. These are all different examples of situations where honest Americans get screwed and cheated by businesses and large companies. None of these are fair, right, or just.

Often, people don’t even know they are being cheated and harmed. This is because companies are smart. They have huge teams of marketing experts who make it seem like everything is on the up and up. It is their job to make customers think everything is great and to hide and conceal the truth. Many companies go to great lengths to hide their illegal conduct. So it’s no surprise that people are not aware of what is going on.

The other problem is that the law is complex. There isn’t just one law. But there are literally thousands of laws. Plus, there are state laws and federal laws and they are very often different from each other. The average person simply doesn’t have that ability, much less the time, to navigate all these laws in order to understand them and know their rights. Companies realize this and know that even if they do something wrong, most people won’t know what their rights are.

Finally, there is one last hurdle. Even if a person realizes she’s been harmed, and knows this is illegal under the law and knows her rights, she many still be helpless. This is because most people don’t know how to enforce their rights. The average individual doesn’t know much about the legal system; how to make a formal complaint, how to file a lawsuit, how to serve a defendant, how to go to court. This is all very scary for someone without legal training. Companies know this. They have teams of attorneys working for them. The average person does not. So ultimately, people feel helpless, and will just give up.

Companies and businesses know all this and rely on it in order to get away with taking advantage of ordinary people. This is where we come in. We are here to help you understand your rights and enforce them. We are devoted to helping consumers, customers, and employees level the playing field. We have experience dealing with companies and manufacturers. We’ve seen the tricks they play, the lies they tell, and the corners they try to cut, all to fatten their bottom lines, at your expense. And it’s sickening. There are good companies and businesses out there, who do things the right way and treat people properly. But they are exception, not the norm.

So let us help you. Let us fight for you. Often when people contact us, they are surprised to find out that they were cheated, that they have rights, and that they are entitled to compensation. Our mission is to help people get what they are entitled to. We know most people are honest, hard-working, and all they want is to be treated fairly. But every day, people all over have something taken from them by companies and employers. We are here to help you take back what is rightfully yours and bring you justice. Contact us today and see for yourself.

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