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I think my employer is violating the law?  What are my rights as an employee?....

As an employee, you are protected by many federal and state laws. In fact, California’s employment and labor laws are some of the strongest and most employee friendly in the nation. Employees are protected throughout their entire employment process, meaning from hiring all the way through to discharge. The laws that are in place cover:


Discrimination, minimum wage requirements, meal and break period requirements, overtime pay, proper wage reporting and payment, use of tools and other items necessary for employment, uniforms, severance pay, your rights to various types of leaves and time off, your improper classification as an independent contractor, and many more  


Even though all these laws exist, most workers and employees don’t know about them because they are difficult to find and understand. So many employees are not able to exercise their rights and protect themselves. Very often employees do not realize that they are being taken advantage of or that their employer's practices violate California law. Many employers are aware that regular employees don’t have the same access to the law that they do. After all, most employers and business have attorneys that advise them of the labor law. Regular employees do not.

Employers are almost always in a position of advantage because of the knowledge and resources they have. They use this knowledge to take advantage of their employees. If they are able to get away with an illegal practice that saves them money, often they do it. They know that it is very unlikely that an employee will challenge them, so they will continue their illegal activity until they are caught.


For these reasons, you need an attorney who knows the tricks and tactics employers use against their employees, and who can then fight for you. We discuss many of the common employment and labor laws that companies and business violate on this website. If you have a question or think your company may be violating your rights, contact us today. We’ll speak to you free of charge, will evaluate your case, and will advise you of your rights. 

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. A firm member will contact you to follow up shortly after we review your information to see if we can assist you. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please call our firm to ensure your message was received. 

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