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Automobile Lemon Law

Automobile Dealership Fraud

Did a car dealer commit fraud or take advantage of you? Learn your rights....

Car dealers are notorious for the sales tactics. Nobody enjoys going to buy a car because everyone knows dealers are a pain to deal with. Their bad reputation stems from their dishonest practices. Many of them are great at pretending to be forthright and honest, however in reality they use numerous different schemes and tactics that they developed over time to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers and customers. Many of their practices are illegal and entitle car buyers to compensation if they are victims of the practices. Some of the most common practices that dealers use are:

  • Hidden fees and charges

  • Sneaking high priced options into a purchase contract without the buyer’s knowledge or consent

  • Payment packing – Sneaking options and accessories into a deal, or telling the buyer they are included at no cost, in order to increase your payment

  • Failing to disclose (or hiding) facts about the vehicle’s history

  • Bait and switch – Advertising certain vehicles for sale to lure you to their dealership when those vehicles aren’t actually available or for sale

  • Representing that a used car is actually new

  • Odometer fraud – lying about or altering the mileage on the vehicle

  • Undervaluing your trade-in

  • Not disclosing a car was in an accident

  • Not disclosing a car was previously used as a taxi or rental car

  • Not disclosing a car was a lemon law buyback

  • Not disclosing a car has a salvaged title

  • Forging your signature on contracts

  • Yoyo financing – promising you certain financing and then telling you later that they can’t give you that rate

  • Representing the vehicle has warranties when it doesn’t

  • Misrepresenting the source, sponsorship or affiliation of a car

  • Representing that a car is of a particular quality or standard when it is not

  • Advertising a particular vehicle with an intent not to sell it

  • Selling vehicles for more than their advertised prices

  • Falsifying down payments

  • Fraudulent contract cancellations – trying to cancel a vehicle contract for inability to get financing more than 10 days after you signed the contract


Fortunately, California has several laws in place that protect consumers from these fraudulent practices. The Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights, The Consumer Legal Remedies Act, The Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, and California’s Business and Professions code are some of the most powerful among these laws which give victims a right to sue car dealers who engage in these practices. If you think that a car dealer has committed one of the illegal practices, contact us immediately for a free consultation to understand your rights and what you are entitled to.

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