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Automobile Lemon Law

Is My Electronic Device a Lemon?


Electronic Device Lemon Law

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act provides consumers and customers of electric products protections as well. What most people don’t know is that the lemon law does not just apply to cars, but it also applies to any consumer good used or purchased primarily for personal, family or household purposes.

Most people think that electronic devices are not expensive so its not worth their time trying to pursue any warranty claims against the maker if the device fails or does not perform properly. However, nowadays electronic goods can be very expensive. Consider your cell phone, smart phone, iPhone, iPad, TV, tablet, laptop or computer. These devices can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. If they don’t work correctly, why should you, the consumer, be stuck with a defective product and be out tons of money.

Manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, Motorola, Sony, Dell, HP, Bose, Hitachi, Google, Microsoft and more have no problem selling you high priced electronics, but when it comes to fixing problems they will often give you the run around and won’t stand behind their warranties. This is unacceptable.

California’s lemon law prevents these types of practices. If the manufacturer of your electronic product or device is not able to fix a problem with the device within a reasonable number of attempts, they must offer to repurchase or replace the device. But manufacturers will never do this. They hope that consumers will just give up and go buy a new product.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you have any problems with an electronic device you know, please contact us. It is worth your time. If your device is a lemon, not only will the manufacturer have to buy it back from you, but they will also have to pay for your attorney’s fees and costs. So you have nothing to lose.

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